2017 Merchant Shares hot_fire The Ads Team
Up To:2.25% Daily   Ref up to:5%  Min Cash:$10 Pay Proof Up To: 120% ROI  Ref: 12%  Min Cashout: $10          Payment Proof
ADZ Bazar My Paying Cripto Ads hot_fire

PTC, Up To: 200% f.ref. High RR avg. Min Cashout: $5 Pay Proof
RShare:up 120% ROI   Ref:up 10% Min. Cashout:0.01BTC Pay Proof
Diversity Fund hot_fire Scarlet-Clicks
Up to 1,2% daily. Ref. 8%. Min Cashout: $10 PTC: 100% from ref.  High RR avg. Min Cashout: $2 Payment Proof
My Paying Ads Family Clix
Up To: 120% ROI  Ref: 10%  Min Cashout: $5   Payment Proof PTC & RevShare 120%. High RR avg. Min Cashout: $2 Pay Proof
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